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(b.2001) Lily Petch is a visual, multidisciplinary artist, her practice ruminates upon the capacity writing has to outlive the human form. She encourages the potential, symbolism and fragility of chosen materials and their capacity to collapse or endure erasure. Contextually, she is informed by the history of language systems, particularly the shift from proto-sumerian pictograph to codified signs of logo syllabic cuneiform. This research takes material form in Petch’s practice through book-centric installations, wax cylinder sound recording, photography, bookbinding, and poetry.


2021 - 2024 BA Fine Art, The Slade School of Fine Art, London.

2020 - 2021 Art Foundation, Brighton Metropolitan College.

Mixed Exhibitions:

28th - 29th February 2024 Crypt Gallery 'Era Journal' group exhibition.

8th - 10th February 2024 Greatorex Street 'RIFT' group exhibition.

24th - 26th February 2023 hARTSlane ‘A Mere Interlude’ group exhibition.


23rd - 27th February 2023 Candid Arts Trust ‘Interim’ collective exhibition.


13th May - 10th June 2022 ‘SPIIIIINELESS’ Spineless Wonders collaborative exhibition, UCL Art Museum.


25th March 2022 Candid Arts Trust CPR short film screening. 

January 2022 Penarth Center ‘FISHTANK’ collective exhibition.

November 2021 Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair.


May 2021 Form IV ‘Thing 18/From The Drained Pool’ collaboration.


April 2020 Royal Scottish Academy ‘New Contemporaries Annual Exhibition 2020’.


March 2020 35 North Gallery Brighton ‘Art Prize 2020’. 


31st January 2020 TATE Lates ‘Everyday Dora Maar’.



8th - 10th February 2024 Greatorex Street 'RIFT' group exhibition.


12th March 2024, Palm Like Paper, The Slade School of Fine Art.

10th October 2023, The written unit, signs, grave markers and the left behind object, The Slade School of Fine Art.


16th November 2022 ‘Carousel’, The Slade School of Fine Art.

21st March 2021 Poetry Shed Poetry & Colour symposium webinar. 



20th April 2024 Dunlin Press Pamphlet launch, Free Verse: Poetry Book & Magazine Fair.

10th August 2022 ‘Acierage’ self bound collective publication launch, Avalon Cafe.


Micheal Farrell Prize for Photography 2024



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